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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (1965) 10(1): 122–124
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Comparative Trial of Low-pruning Methods at Berwick Forest, Southland

J. Barber

Methods of selection for pruning were: (a) Marking of selected stems with paint before commencement of pruning, taking into account form and vigour. (b) Selecting of trees done by the pruning gang, with a compromise between form and vigour in their selection of one tree out of every three. (c) Selection by the pruning gang but purely on vigour of trees, and one tree out of two. (d) All satisfactory trees pruned.
Costs were calculated for each of the methods used, and the final effects of the selection methods on the stand assessed.
It was concluded that worker selection of one tree out of every two, with the accent purely on vigour, was not only the cheapest method but also the one most likely to achieve the requisite number of pruned stems per acre.

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