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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (1965) 10(1): 73–79
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Research article
Minor Timbers and Specialty Uses

J.S. Reid

The place of minor timbers in planting programmes is discussed from the standpoint of specialty timber needs with due regard to the resources of such timbers available from indigenous forests. It is necessary to consider the marketing of low grades produced incidentally to the cutting of high-grade stock for such specialty uses as exterior joinery, furniture, veneers, handles and sporting goods. The cypresses and cedars give promise of providing durable, stable heartwood for joinery, and lower grades suitable for general utility purposes, but a satisfactory yield of heartwood of high grade presupposes that pruning and long rotations are practicable. Among the medium density hardwoods which appear to justify attention are ash, walnut and ash-type eucalypts of which the last is of interest also for complementary pulping material. Poplars have a place in the scheme for veneers and pulp wood primarily. The only dense timbers advocated are some of the durable, strong eucalypts for engineering timbers. Planting should obviously be planned to ensure continuity of supply to specially equipped utilization plants. Supplies of specialty timbers which cannot be met from the reasonable range provided by these species and the ones already available' in New Zealand should be imported.
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