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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (1968) 13(1): 98–110
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Research article
Climatic Damage to Forests of the Tapanui District

K.C. Chandler

During the past decade, forests of the Tapanui district have been subjected to windthrow and snow damage, causing disruption to normal logging operations and clearfelling schedules. The extent of Pinus radiata damage is expressed in terms of m.a.i, and it is suggested that, when predicting volume yields of this species, the m.a.i, be reduced by 10%. The relationship between climatic damage and topography, aspect and altitude, is noted. Stands less than 60 ft mean top height are relatively stable. Marginal trees have better developed rooting systems and are more stable than trees from the stand interior. Pinus radiata stands thinned immediately prior to the most damaging storms were no worse affected than those thinned several years previously, but regular thinnings based on modern schedules will reduce losses from- snow damage and normal gales.
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