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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (1970) 15(2): 225–230
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Research article
N.Z. Institute of Foresters' Submission to the Manapouri Commission of Enquiry

J.J.K. Spiers , D.A. Franklin and D.B. McConchie

The Council of the Institute appointed a subcommittee to prepare a report, after seeking members' views, for submission to the Commission of Inquiry. Chairman was D. A. Franklin, and members I. W. Levy, A. G. D. Whyte; later supplemented by J. I. K. Spiers, G. I. Molloy, C. G. R. Chavasse and B. D. McConchie, with assistance from P. J. McKelvie and I. Y. Morris. Messrs. Franklin, Spiers and McConchie appeared before the Commission for questioning.
Over 200 members replied to the original questionnaire and of these 60% had read the Report of the Cabinet Committee on Lake Manapouri. Opinions were divided as to whether the lake should be raised or not, but there was a strong expression of opinion that, should the lake be raised, clearing of the vegetation must be to a high standard.
The written submission of the Institute follows.
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