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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (1972) 17(1): 91–100
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Research article
Shoot growth studies of Pinus contorta, Pinus mungo and Larix decidua in the Kaweka Range

A. Cunningham and Q.W. Roberts

Growth rates of Pinus contorta, P. mugo, and Larix decidua were studied on six widely varying sites between 1,035 m and 1,465 m in the Kaweka Range in 1967-8 and 1968-9. The two growing seasons differed considerably in terms of mean monthly temperature, and this affected timing of the growth curve. Variability of growth between individual trees was greatest in P. contora, least in L. decidua. At 1,035 m the active period of growth is spread over three months in P. contorta, and about two months in P. mugo and L. decidua. In general, high-altitude sites tend to delay initiation of the growth period, and erosion surfaces tend to advance it. Total annual growth is severely restricted on erosion surfaces, particularly at high altitudes.
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