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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (1974) 19(1): 114–121
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Research article
Clearfelling young Pinus radiata.

C. J. Terlesk

The early clearfelling of a 17-year-old stand of Pinus radiat a during 1911 allowed the collection of detailed work measurement and mensuration data for analysis and provisional costing of the operation. A 1.2 ha plot on flat terrain was established in the stand, and trees were measured to calculate the available standing volume to a 10 cm top. Trees were subsequently remeasured on the skid to show recovered volume.
Measurements showed a negligible loss of volume from felling breakage in this class of stand (11 years, tree height 28.3 m, 331 stems/ha, 300.9 m3/ha) on flat terrain, probably less than 1.1 m3/ha. The total volume loss of potentially merchantable material, in the bush and on the skid, amounted to less than 106.m3/ha.
A contract five-man gang, using a C5 Treefarmer as the prime logging unit, carried out the logging operation. Conventional work study techniques were employed to record the work content over a 3-day production run. Production was at the rate of 118.3 m3 per day, at a man-hour production level of 3.6 m3. Based on this level of production, a detailed costing exercise indicates a direct cost on the ride comparable with the cost of clearfelling mature radiata pine stands in the Bay of Plenty region. The ratio of capital to labour in this particular logging unit was 1 to 1.38, which is considered a good balance for this class of operation.

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