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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (1978) 23(2): 252–262
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Research article
Members' views of the New Zealand Institute of Foresters and its role

W.R.J. Sutton and J.J. Kennedy

When members were asked in a questionnaire what they thought was the most important role the New Zealand Institute of Foresters (Inc.) could fill, most said that the Institute should be an advocate for forestry; but opinions varied as to the form that advocacy should take. There was also considerable support for publishing the Journal and for promoting the exchange of information and ideas. Advocacy of the forestry profession also had support, but few members suggested that the Institute be a completely professional organisation. Social contacts and fraternity within the Institute were thought important by some members.
Of the responding members, 23% had at some time considered resigning; most because they believed the Institute to be generally ineffective. Membership criteria, subscription levels, and personal considerations were also given as reasons for possibly resigning.
Members overwhelmingly favoured the Institute maintaining a dialogue with other conservation groups, and gave strong support to the principle that the Institute should be a major force in the conservation movement.
There was a 2:1 majority in favour of the Institute changing its name to the N.Z. Institute of Forestry.

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