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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (1979) 24(2): 241–251
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Research article
Workshop on special purpose species

J.R. Purey-Cust

In March 1919 the New Zealand Forest Service convened in Auckland a 3-day workshop on special-purpose timber species.^ The objective was to define exotic timber species whose properties might be described as special, and additional to the diverse (but generally middle-of-the-road) values offered by radiata pine.
After long, and at times tortuous ebate, a short list of species with a wide range of site tolerances was agreed on: the "ash" eucalypts, Eucalyptus saligna, Cupressus macrocarpa and C. lusitanica, and, on special sites in favoured localities, Juglans regia and Acacia melanoxylon.

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