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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (1986) 31(2): 15–18
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Research article
Management of Applied Research - one scientist's perspective

W.R.J. Sutton

New Zealand's innovative silvicultural research was in large part the result oj the unselfish and positive leadership of Harry Bunn. He constantly stressed the need to seek quantum gains and to work on tomorrow's opportunities rather than today's problems. Bunn insisted that scientists should only criticise if they had something better to offer.

Success in technology transfer has little to do with the quality of the research. Technology transfer is most likely to succeed where managers perceive that the risk of adopting a new technology is less than staying with the old.

Three orientations of applied research are recognized: Problem, service and innovative. Each has its own characteristics and needs. The gains from innovative research can be considerable but so are the risks, especially to the scientist.

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