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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (1998) 43(2): 28–31
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Research article
The effects of the Burnt Pine Longhorn Beetle and wood-staining fungi on fire damaged Pinus radiata in Canterbury

P.M. Bradbury

Decline of standing Pinus radiata burnt by fire was assessed over a six month period with particular reference to wood degrade caused by the burnt pine longhorn beetle Arhopalus tristis and wood-staining fungi. Wood-stain associated with subcortical destruction and wood boring by the larvae of A. tristis was the primary limiting factor for the salvage of fire damaged trees. Between forty and ninety days after adult insects had laid their eggs 67% of the trees had developed wood-stain. After approximately five and a half months over 90% of the trees had wood-stain and insect infestation, with an average maximum wood boring depth by the larvae of 20mm.
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