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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (2006) 51(1): 23–27
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Modelling height-diameter relationships of Pinus radiata plantations in Canterbury, New Zealand

W. Zhao , E. Mason and J. Brown

This paper describes the modelling of height-diameter relationships for <I>Pinus radiata</I> D. Don at stand and individual tree levels in Canterbury, New Zealand. Sixteen functional forms were evaluated for stands that varied considerably in stand age, site index, altitude and the number of trees sampled. The Petterson equation with exponent -5 and the two-parameter Richards’ equation both gave the smallest average mean square error. The inclusion of stand age, site index and altitude into the Petterson equation reduced mean square error by 72% in the regional height-diameter model.

Keywords: Keywords: height-diameter equations; stand and regional level; Pinus radiata.

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