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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (2006) 51(2): 3–6
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Estimation of the availability and the cost of supplying biomass for bioenergy in Canterbury

K. Robertson and B. Manley

A model has been developed to estimate regional supply and delivered cost of forest and wood processing biomass available for bioenergy. In Canterbury the biomass supply potentially available is estimated at 200 000 oven dry tonnes annually. The cumulative average cost of delivered biomass ranges between $9 and $57/odt differing with biomass type and transport distance. The opportunity costs make up a large proportion of the total cost of delivery for the pulp, sawdust, bark and chip biomass and should be included in any estimate of cost for these biomass streams. Transport costs can contribute significantly to the delivered price of landing and cutover residues. Estimating the cost of supplying biomass for energy generation is only part of the picture. This then needs to be added to other costs associated with bioenergy systems to provide an estimate of the total cost of generating energy from biomass.
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