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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (2013) 58(2): 25–26
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Feature article
Auckland Draft Unitary Plan - A forest is a forest, but not in Auckland

Trish Fordyce 1

1 Auckland-based lawyer who specialises in environmental law.

With all the attention on urban provisions for housing you could be excused for thinking that there is no rural land in Auckland. But about 70 per cent of the land area is rural and about a sixth of that is in forestry. So how does forestry fare in the Draft Unitary Plan? There are bouquets and brickbats to be given. Bouquets The regional policy statement and the policies and objectives are relatively clearly written and straightforward. This is probably a good result of having the time to prepare and consult on the earlier Auckland Plan. There are problems with the ‘Trees and vegetation’ section and concern if the intention is for planted forests to be an activity which requires control to protect the natural heritage of the region. The devil will be in the detail and, in particular, the rules setting out the required standards. Throughout the Draft Unitary Plan these are usually referred to as controls.
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