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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (2018) 62(4): 10–14
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Conference Report
Fake news and post-truth - does philosophy have anything to say to forestry?

Robert Nola *,1

1 Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, University of Auckland. Email:
*Corresponding author.

Abstract: Two current buzzwords are ‘fake news’ and ‘posttruth’. What do these mean and what bearing do they have on science, including forestry? The main point argued here is that fake news and post-truth undermine trust in all the sciences, including those involved in forestry. Further issues covered concern the pervasiveness of trust in science, a suggestion about what trust is, and the deleterious effects of undermining trust in science. The paper ends with some consequences of the notion of trust outlined that need to be developed in a more complete account of our trust in science.
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