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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (2019) 63(4): 13–16
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Conference Report
From the ground up - transforming decades of harvesting experience into world-leading life-saving technology

Dale Ewers *,1

1 Owner, DC Equipment and Moutere Logging Ltd, Nelson. Email:
*Corresponding author.

Abstract: With the current poor track record of safety within the forest industry worldwide, the ever-increasing forest harvest volume in New Zealand over the next five to seven years, and the environmental impact that has occurred in recent times, the industry needs to work on change. This is because if we continue doing the same thing day after day, we will end up with the same result. Our companies, Moutere Logging and DC Equipment, have set a strategy for the next 20 years to eliminate risk while increasing production, with workers who have limited experience and an aging work force. Not many people are joining the industry, which is stretching the experience and average age of the forestry workforce. It is very difficult to get experienced people to work in the industry. We believe that through mechanisation this strategy can be achieved, as our results to date can clearly show we are on the road to achieving ‘zero harm’, a goal that most people do not really believe can happen. I honestly believe zero harm can be achieved and this paper sets out how we are going do it.
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