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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (2019) 64(3): 25–28
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Conference Report
NZIF AGM and ANZIF annual conference 25-28 August 2019

Chris Goulding

AGM A quorum of voting members attended the 91st AGM of the NZIF on 25 August in Christchurch. The minutes of the previous AGM, the annual report and the budget for 2019–2020 were presented and approved. Council decided not to continue with the position of General Manager on the resignation of Tim Thorpe. Instead a ‘projects-based approach’ is to be used, with formal evaluation and approval and with an amount of $50,000 budgeted for the year. Two amendments to NZIF Rules were passed at the AGM in order to better integrate the annual process for Registered Members with the NZIF accounting process. In Rule 158, ‘30th April’ was changed to ‘31st May’, while in Rule 159, ‘for the year beginning on the 1st of April’ was changed to ‘expiring on 31st May of the following year’.
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