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N.Z.J.For., Volume 22(1), 1977
Editorial Comment
G.B. Sweet
Pages: 1–6
 | Article (pdf file, 305 KB)

Members Comment
The proper priorities of research and development in forestry
S.D. Richardson
Pages: 7–17
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 547 KB)

Members Comment
Dear departed indigenous forestry
C.D. Gleason
Pages: 18–23
 | Article (pdf file, 270 KB)

Research article
New Zealand Douglas fir timber quality in relation to silviculture
I.D. Whiteside, M.D. Wilcox and J.R. Tustin
Pages: 24–44
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 919 KB)

Research article
The possible effects on fishes of eucalypt enrichment of New Zealnd beech forests
R.M. McDowall
Pages: 45–52
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 343 KB)

Research article
Impact of timber harvasting on nutrient losses in stream flow
D.G. Neary
Pages: 53–63
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 468 KB)

Research article
Nitrogen run-off from radiata pine forest fertillised with urea
J.H. Leonard
Pages: 64–80
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 698 KB)

Research article
A selective logging trial in dense podocarp forest in the central North Island
J. Herbert and A.E. Beveridge
Pages: 81–100
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 2.9 MB)

Research article
Development and use of modified logging skidders for weed control in Kaingaroa Forest
R.W. Washbourn
Pages: 101–110
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.8 MB)

Research article
Some thoughts on the development of "Plantation forestry" in New Zealand - mainly reminiscent
F.E. Hutchinson
Pages: 111–125
 | Article (pdf file, 937 KB)

Research article
Some comments on forest planning and the forestry development plan for Otago
R.K. Grant
Pages: 126–133
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 442 KB)

Research article
Reply to: Some comments on forest planning and the forestry develpoment plan for Otago
J.T. Collins, P.T. Donnelly and M. Francis
Pages: 134–139
 | Article (pdf file, 360 KB)

Research article
Poutu Forest Farm
M.C. Farnsworth and J.L Russell
Pages: 140–146
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 366 KB)

Research article
Meteorological observations at a controlled burn
M.L. Browne
Pages: 147–154
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 883 KB)

Rare indigenous forest plants
J.L. Nicholls
Pages: 155–161
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 306 KB)

Review article
Review: Biogeography and Ecology in New Zealand
G.B. Sweet
Pages: 162–163
 | Article (pdf file, 131 KB)

Review article
Review: Biology of Eucalypts
D.S. Jackson
Pages: 163–164
 | Article (pdf file, 119 KB)

Letter to the Editor
D.B. Abel
Pages: 164
 | Article (pdf file, 58 KB)

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