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N.Z.J.For., Volume 28(3), 1983
Research article
An ecological basis for beech management in New Zealand.
J. Wardle
Pages: 292–299
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 706 KB)

Research article
A silvicultural stand model: implications for radiata pine management.
I. D. Whiteside and W. R. J. Sutton
Pages: 300–313
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.2 MB)

Research article
Some observations on the transfer of new forestry and forest products technology.
R. P. Kibblewhite
Pages: 314–324
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 988 KB)

Research article
The radiata pine monoculture: an examination of the ideologies.
G. B. Sweet and R. D. Burdon
Pages: 325–326
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 158 KB)

Research article
Plantation management in Australia.
I. S. Ferguson
Pages: 327–338
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 995 KB)

Research article
Planning for forest resource management: some thoughts on method.
D. W. McLean
Pages: 339–355
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.6 MB)

Research article
Yield control systems for exotic state forests.
J. W. Shirley
Pages: 356–371
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.2 MB)

Research article
A perspective of the eucalypt forests: their characteristics and role in wood production.
R. G. Florence
Pages: 372–393
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 2 MB)

Research article
Eucalypts in New Zealand: a position report.
G. Fry
Pages: 394–411
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.4 MB)

Research article
Development of the Fiji Pine Commission. An account of the emergence of a major new industry in a developing country.
A. G. D. Whyte
Pages: 412–422
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1 MB)

Research article
Forestry development in Western Samoa.
I. Reti
Pages: 423–431
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 732 KB)

Research article
Developments in coconut utilisation.
A. J. McQuire and R. M. Madrazo
Pages: 432–435
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 314 KB)

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