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N.Z.J.For., Volume 29(1), 1984
Guest Editorial
A. Kirkland
Pages: 1–5
 | Article (pdf file, 218 KB)

Obituary: Ib Thulin
M. D. Wilcox
Pages: 6–8
 | Article (pdf file, 102 KB)

Research article
Eighteen years on. A progress report, and assessment of the future, for the School of Forestry [University of Canterbury, New Zealand].
P. J. McKelvey
Pages: 9–23
 | Article (pdf file, 645 KB)

Research article
A policy analysis model for New Zealand's plantation forestry system.
R. Y. Cavana and R. G. Coyle
Pages: 24–50
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 982 KB)

Research article
Management significance of responses to fertilising Pinus radiata.
I. R. Hunter
Pages: 51–59
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 394 KB)

Research article
Functions to predict average piece size and average haul volume for New Zealand clearfell cable logging operations.
G. Murphy
Pages: 60–65
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 195 KB)

Research article
Sale of logs by competitive bidding using linear programming to maximise the return to the grower.
van Wyk, J. L.
Pages: 66–77
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 422 KB)

Research article
Spread of exotic conifers on South Island rangelands.
G. G. Hunter and M. H. Douglas
Pages: 78–96
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 2.1 MB)

Research article
Forest history in New Zealand: a review and bibliography.
M. M. Roche
Pages: 97–107
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 484 KB)

Research article
The practice of uneven-aged silviculture.
J. C. Halkett
Pages: 108–118
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 445 KB)

Research article
Wet storage of windblown conifers in Germany.
W. Liese
Pages: 119–135
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 2.8 MB)

Research article
Variation in availability of bark from Pinus radiata logs, in the central North Island of New Zealand.
R. C. Woollons and J. H. Powell
Pages: 136–139
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 115 KB)

Research article
Lupin sowing rates for sand dune stabilisation at Pouto Forest.
R. L. Gadgil, P. J. Knight, A. M. Sandberg and P. J. Allen
Pages: 140–142
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 117 KB)

Research article
Average yield of radiata pine in New Zealand State forests.
J. W. Shirley
Pages: 143–144
 | Article (pdf file, 71 KB)

Book Review
Eagle's Trees and Shrubs of New Zealand, Second Series
M. D. Wilcox
Pages: 145
 | Article (pdf file, 49 KB)

Book Review
Field Guide to Eucalypts. Volume 1. South-eastern Australia
M. D. Wilcox
Pages: 146–147
 | Article (pdf file, 93 KB)

Book Review
Catchment Control in New Zealand
Pages: 148
 | Article (pdf file, 48 KB)

Letters to the Editor
M. Theron
Pages: 149
 | Article (pdf file, 97 KB)

Letters to the Editor
Economics of early clearfelling
A. Katz
Pages: 149–151
 | Article (pdf file, 97 KB)

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