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N.Z.J.For., Volume 35(1), 1990
Silviculture judgements
D.J. Mead
Pages: 2
 | Article (pdf file, 899 KB)

Maybe the branch was rotten.... Some thoughts on John Halkett's article.
J. Purey-Cust
Pages: 3–5
 | Article (pdf file, 586 KB)

Great Northern Nekoosa and 'The Sale of the Century'
R. Boer
Pages: 6–7
 | Article (pdf file, 487 KB)

State Forest Asset Sales: Myths and Realities
E.M. Bilek
Pages: 7–8
 | Article (pdf file, 465 KB)

Serious threat to the native forests in Chile
R. Gaete
Pages: 8
 | Article (pdf file, 226 KB)

Recent Events
Sale of State Forests - an update
D.J. Mead
Pages: 9
 | Article (pdf file, 597 KB)

Recent News
A National Forest Policy: Terms of Reference for Ministerial Advisory Group
H. Levack
Pages: 10
 | Article (pdf file, 224 KB)

Recent News
Tony Grayburn recieves Thomas Kirk Award
Pages: 11
 | Article (pdf file, 684 KB)

Recent News
Robin Cutler gets top British Forestry post
C. Bassett
Pages: 12
 | Article (pdf file, 886 KB)

Recent News
New biological control agent
Pages: 12
 | Article (pdf file, 886 KB)

Letters to the Editor
Indigenous forest management
P. Allan
Pages: 13
 | Article (pdf file, 302 KB)

Conference Paper
Research - Where are we going? NZIF President's Address
W.R.J. Sutton
Pages: 14–15
 | Article (pdf file, 416 KB)

Research article
Forest research - coping with change
C.O. Loughlin
Pages: 16–19
 | Article (pdf file, 878 KB)

Research article
NZ's forestry professional's attitudes and opinions on Crown Forest Asset Sale - an informal survey
R. Niederhof
Pages: 19–21
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 548 KB)

Research article
New Zealand wood products industry in the 1980's and beyond
D. Evison
Pages: 22–27
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.2 MB)

1990 Annual General Meeting
Pages: 27
 | Article (pdf file, 197 KB)

Institute News
Frank E. Hutchinson Award
L. Crozier
Pages: 28
 | Article (pdf file, 785 KB)

Institute News
New Honorary members
C.G.R. Chavasse and W.R.J. Sutton
Pages: 28–29
 | Article (pdf file, 1.6 MB)

Presidential Address
Populations and plantations
W.R.J. Sutton
Pages: 29–30
 | Article (pdf file, 953 KB)

New Information
Minsiterial briefing
C. Bassett
Pages: 30
 | Article (pdf file, 153 KB)

In our Contemporaries
NZ Journal of Forestry Science
Pages: 31–32
 | Article (pdf file, 365 KB)

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