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N.Z.J.For., Volume 55(3), 2010
Updating the University of Canterbury Forest Engineering Programme
Rien Visser
Pages: 2
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 341 KB)

Feature article
How Are We Going to Log All Our Steeper Slopes? - The “Kelly” Harvesting Machine
Kerry Hill
Pages: 3
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 231 KB)

Feature article
‘Innovative Harvesting Solutions’ A Step Change Harvesting Research Programme
Keith Raymond*
Pages: 4–9
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 985 KB)

Feature article
Methodologies for Setting Timber Harvesting (Logging) Rates
Rien Visser
Pages: 10–11
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 333 KB)

Professional Paper
Proposed National Environmental Standard for Plantation Forestry
Chris Fowler and David Pedley
Pages: 12–15
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 640 KB)

Professional Paper
Too much rain can slow growth of container-grown pine seedlings
David B. South* and Tom E. Starkey
Pages: 16–19
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 635 KB)

Professional Paper
Harvested Wood Products in the ETS - What would be the Impact?
Bruce Manley and Piers Maclaren
Pages: 20–26
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.4 MB)

Refereed article
Real Exchange Rate Impacts on New Zealand Forestry Export Competitiveness
David Evison
Pages: 27–29
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 455 KB)

John Lawrance Nicholls MNZM BSc (NZ) 1920-2010 Shy Forester and Champion Wordsmith
Mark Smale
Pages: 30–31
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 270 KB)

A new-look Journal?
Piers Maclaren
Pages: 32
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 102 KB)

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