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N.Z.J.For., Volume 60(2), 2015
Inter-rotational forest planning on steep, fragile country
Chris Goulding
Pages: 2
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 109 KB)

Feature article
Improving management of post-harvest risks in steepland plantations
Tim Payn, Chris Phillips, Les Basher, Brenda Baillie, Loretta Garrett, Duncan Harrison, Marie Heaphy and Mike Marden
Pages: 3–6
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 335 KB)

Feature article
What do we need for a risk management approach to steepland plantation forests in erodible terrain?
Les Basher, Duncan Harrison, Chris Phillips and Mike Marden
Pages: 7–10
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 219 KB)

Feature article
Forests and erosion protection - getting to the root of the matter
Chris Phillips, Michael Marden and Les Basher
Pages: 11–15
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 381 KB)

Feature article
Nutrient supply one rotation to the next
Loretta Garrett, Simeon Smaill and Peter Clinton
Pages: 16–20
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 383 KB)

Feature article
Long-term management of streams in planted forest steeplands
Brenda R. Baillie and Carol A. Rolando
Pages: 21–24
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 289 KB)

Feature article
Erosion susceptibility classification and analysis of erosion risks for plantation forestry - response to Marden et al.
Mark Bloomberg
Pages: 25–28
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 144 KB)

Professional Paper
Technological advances in rural and wildland fire management as determined using organisational knowledge
Brendon R. Christensen
Pages: 29–32
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 223 KB)

Professional Paper
Is there a pivotal role for Maori in a forestry-based biofuel industry in New Zealand?
Tony Steer
Pages: 33–37
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 279 KB)

Short Communication
School of Forestry update
Bruce Manley
Pages: 38–39
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 172 KB)

Short Communication
Waiariki Institute of Technology update
Jeremy Christmas
Pages: 40–41
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 83 KB)

Dr Udo Benecke - 1 April 1940 - 15 April 2015
Alan Nordmeyer
Pages: 42
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 37 KB)

Crisis. What crisis? Maintaining our social licence to harvest steepland forests
Keith Raymond
Pages: 43–45
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 299 KB)

Letter to the Editor
Genetics, tree improvements and PSP
John Groome
Pages: 45
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 40 KB)

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