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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (1972) 17(2): 212–217
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Research article
Enrichment of logged West Cost beech forest with eucalypts

D.A. Franklin

At present, the West Coast podocarp/beech forests are being logged mainly for podocarp sawlogs, leaving a large beech resource standing. Although some beech regeneration is usually forthcoming after logging, in most areas it is insufficient for beech management. Enrichment of the logged forest with eucalypts aims at keeping the land productive and providing sufficient volume in the future for another sawlog operation. As such, it is a stop-gap measure which should be used only until fuller utilization allows better management. If the West Coast beech forests are logged for chipwood, it is proposed to enrich large areas with eucalypts as a safeguard against obtaining inadequate beech regeneration, but again it should be regarded as a stop-gap measure until more information on regeneration is obtained.
The use of eucalypts (particularly E. delegatensis, E. nitens and E. regnans) for enriching logged podocarp / beech forest on the West Coast over the last eight years has shown promise, but, because of the risk of windthrow and damage by pathogens in older stands, the technique cannot be claimed to be a success until the eucalypts can be harvested.

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