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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (1982) 27(2): 189–206
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Research article
Management of shelterbelts for wood products.

C. G. R. Chavasse

A literature review shows a serious lack of information on the use of shelterbelts for wood production, but there is widespread historical evidence that, in several countries, they have been either mismanaged, or unmanaged, and have thus tended to fall into disrepute. What evidence there is indicates that timber can be produced from shelterbelts without detriment to their shelter value and that yields in both volume and value can exceed those from forest stands, provided that proper management is applied and that the produce is efficiently marketed. In view of the potential importance of this source of timber in New Zealand (estimates of likely areas for the whole country lie between 300 000 and 740 000 ha) there is clearly a need for further research: first, to determine volume yields and timber values; secondly, to confirm silvicultural practices; and thirdly, to elucidate the whole question of shelter on hilly pastoral land, where firm information is almost totally lacking.
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