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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (1984) 29(2): 249–268
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Research article
The public's evaluation of land use options in two New Zealand regions [East Coast, North Island and Nelson, South Island].

B. Smith and P. Wilson

This paper, which is based on an analysis of 920 interviews carried out in the Nelson and East Coast {North Island) regions, explores the attitudes and perceptions residents have towards selected future development options. The study is essentially a continuation of earlier research carried out by the writers in Mangonui County, Northland.

Respondents in both regions generally preferred the future development of farming and horticulture for their own com munity and the region as a whole. State forestry received moderate support from East Coasters, but found little favour among Nelson respondents. Tourism and fishing generally found more support in Nelson region; private company forestry had little support in either region.

Our data show that, while the public at large may share similar attitudes towards various development options, their perceptions of these developments can vary considerably from region to region. This would suggest that, although changes in land use raise the issues we have observed, it is local conditions — reflecting personal experiences — that determine the extent to which particular attitudes and issues become important.

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