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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (1996) 41(1): 37–40
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Technical Note
Potential of airborne video for updating forest maps

R. K. Brownlie , J. G. Firth and G. Hoskings

A procedure is described in which airborne video was used to update an existing forest map. With the aid of image processing (IP) software, three Super-WHS format video images were captured as digital data files and georeferenced using a forest map stored in a Geographic Information System (GIS). The linework was revised according to the information shown on the underlying image then exported back to the GIS. Two transformation options were used for rectification of the images and the influence of terrain steepness on their effectiveness in this application is discussed. The video procedure is likely to take longer than the conventional aerial photography and simple transfer instrument method. However, the lower marginal cost of acquiring video, the greater number of days on which suitable video images can be obtained compared to aerial photography, and the wider versatility of the video system are all significant advantages.

Keywords: Aerial photography, airborne video, forest maps, GIS, IP.

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