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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (2008) 53(1): 16–22
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Refereed article
Are non-tariff measures important in exports of fnished wood products to Japan, China and the US? The case of prefabricated houses

Andres Katz

Alphametrik PO Box 11-345 Auckland 1542, New Zealand Ph: +64 9 579 8303 Fax +64 9 579 2075

New Zealand exporters of prefabricated houses were surveyed for their views on the major barriers faced in exporting to Japan, China and the US. In Japan the major challenges were identifying local rules and regulations, adapting building design to ensure conformance, and obtaining the necessary engineering approvals. In China, a major concern was the protection of intellectual property. In the US a major barrier to market entry was the cost of obtaining the required engineering certificates. The most important factors for long term success was having the right overseas partners and having sufficient resources to continue exports during market downturns or when there is strong demand from the domestic market.

Keywords: Non-tariff measures, export markets, market development, prefabricated houses

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