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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (2008) 53(1): 46–47
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

On Piers Maclaren, climate change and faith

Peter Brown

Page 48 of the Journal for November, 2007 says at the bottom “Piers Mclaren is a Registered Forestry Consultant and a former forest research scientist. His column appears regularly in the Journal”. It certainly does and it is usually the first thing that I read. But the November column was clearly written by an impostor. Piers, the objective scientist who is interested in facts and proof, seems to be absent and he had obviously been replaced by somebody who considers that science is about what people believe. The real Piers would never take such an unscientific stance. I thought it best to set out this response in somewhat of a parallel of the November column so that everyone can see how easy it is to say things without having to really back them up. But to be different, I will include one reference.
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