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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (2008) 53(2): 8–10
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Professional Paper
Natural capital, land-use planning and nutrient issues

Brent Clothier 1, Alec Mackay 2, Tessa Mills 3 and Roger Parftt 4

1 HortResearch, PB 11-030, Palmerston North,
2 Landcare Research, PB 11-052, Palmerston North
3 AgResearch, PB 11-008, Palmerston North
4 Paper presented to NZIF conference, 2008, Palmerston North

The soil-plant-atmosphere systems which cloak our earth provide valuable ecosystem services. Only a fraction of the goods and services they provide are valued within the world’s economy. In a landmark aper in Nature, Costanza et al. (1997) estimated the annual value of 17 terrestrial ecosystem services, all involving the soil-plant-atmosphere system, to be US$5.74 trillion. When oceanic services were added in, the global value of the earth’s natural capital, and ecosystem goods and services, amounted to US$33 trillion per year. Gross global economic productivity only sums to $18 trillion per year.
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