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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (2013) 57(4): 2
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

All generalisations are true in the absence of evidence to the contrary

Murray Parrish 1

1 Convener for the NZIF Council Submissions and Policy Committee

The NZIF endeavours to represent the interests of professional foresters on a broad range of issues. We have been actively involved in many of the topical debates in New Zealand and, less regularly, internationally. There are many concerns we could and should be involved with, but for many reasons including the limits on voluntary effort by members, we must prioritise. As with all other professions involved in complex decision-making, the NZIF cannot claim to always get it right. There are many reasons for this, primarily among them that it is not always clear what right is. Forestry, as with other biological and many social systems, is in dynamic equilibrium. The correct answer is frequently a function of time, place and circumstance.
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