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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (2013) 58(1): 29–31
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Professional Paper
Future outlook and directions for forest industry research

Warren Parker 1

1 Warren Parker is Chief Executive at Scion in Rotorua.

This is an important time for the New Zealand forest industry and for Scion as its primary research provider. The world economy has yet to recover from the global financial crisis, with IMF (2013) forecasts of growth for this year recently revised downwards to 3.5 per cent. Nearly all of this growth will occur in emerging markets, notably the ASEAN countries, India and the African continent. Other features of the recovery, especially in developed economies, include - Job-free growth with new or improved technology, particularly information technology, or product substitution An emphasis on green growth or clean technologies Rapidly changing dynamics in the energy markets. The discovery of new gas supplies by hydraulic fracturing and more energy-efficient transport are two important factors shaping the energy sector.
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