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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (2015) 60(3): 2
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Forest policy and advocacy

Chris Goulding

It should come as no surprise to New Zealand foresters that they may not necessarily be well thought of by the general public. The late Brian Allison of NZ Forest Products commented that Robin Hood, on his way to Nottingham, slew half a dozen foresters before breakfast and is still highly regarded. In this issue Paul Nicholls writes on the public’s perceptions of New Zealand forestry, specifically with regard to the unacceptable number of fatalities in 2013, but also more generally on the need to engage the public on the economic and environmental benefits of trees and wood products. John Stulen’s article describes the industry’s response to the ‘merciless media’ on workplace safety that has led to radical behaviour changes. This November issue follows the NZIF conference in August which debated the sector’s Forest Policy Project to develop a long-term intergenerational forest policy. NZIF President James Treadwell stated that such a policy encompasses conservation, plantation forests and wood processing, with social, environmental and economic objectives. He hoped that it would enable the general public and government to understand what the wider forest sector can offer.
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