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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (2015) 60(3): 45
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Not the last word for forest policy

Andrew McEwen 1

1 Registered Forester and Past-President of the NZIF

Two years ago, I suggested New Zealand has a greater need for a national forest policy now than at any time since the 1913 Royal Commission on Forestry (NZJF, 58(1), May 2013). I havenít changed that view, which is why I agreed to be part of the NZIF-initiated forest policy project. Forest policy is not something people usually get excited about, and those of us on the organising committee for the NZIF conference at Te Papa on 10 August were pretty nervous about having the policy project as the topic. How would we attract enough people to cover the cost of the venue? Could just four working party reports plus open discussion fill the day? Consequently I was relieved and excited when the conference opened with over 100 people present, all of whom had clearly come wanting to support the project and be involved in the discussion.
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