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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (2015) 60(3): 6–10
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Feature article
A view on public perceptions of forestry in New Zealand

Paul Nicholls *,1

1 President of the NZ Forest Owners Association, Chair of the NZFOA Promotions Committee. Email:
*Corresponding author.

Abstract: This paper is based on a presentation made at the conference in Napier in July 2014. It reviews the media headlines and articles that arose from the fatalities in the forest sector that occurred in 2013 and asks how widespread those opinions are among the workers in the sector and the public in general. It examines the need for maintaining public support for the forest sector using a brief comparison to what has happened to native forest logging in Tasmania as a result of lack of public support. Finally, the paper outlines some steps that the New Zealand forest sector can undertake to maintain and improve the level of understanding and support within the wider community.
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