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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (2018) 63(1): 34–37
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Feature article
The Coast Redwood Science Symposium 2016

Paul Silcock *,1

1 Regional Manager, NZ Forestry, Thames. Email:
*Corresponding author.

Abstract: Travelling to the US in 2016 to attend The Coast Redwood Science Symposium was an opportunity to better understand the challenges the Pacific Coast redwood industry has faced since the last of the oldgrowth redwood was protected and modern indigenous forest management systems were implemented. Coast redwood is well known around the world and is iconic in its home range. There are a number of stakeholder groups involved in the management of coast redwood forests (ranging from federal government to concerned locals), and they have all had an influence on the formation of forest policy over the years, which has resulted in the current highly-regulated operating environment. The presentation of some recent New Zealand research findings to the symposium provided some insight into the relatively young industry being developed in this country. In New Zealand the management of an exotic softwood with a well-resourced plantation forest industry has given the opportunity to make rapid gains in breeding, management systems and wood quality in a relatively short time.
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