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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (1955) 7(2): 81–83
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Research article
Some Notes on Past Forests in the Tokoroa Districts

J.E. Henry

The charred materials to be found in Taupo pumice are mainly podocarps, but Knightia excelsa, Wintera colorata, and Olea lanceolata have, been identified. A charred log with soil of pre-Taupo origin attached to roots has been found. The author considers this to have been charred while still standing, and that mass movement of the pumice uprooted it and transported it to its present position. Three egg cup podsols in Taupo pumice are considered to be evidence that a forest has grown on the Taupo pumice which in recent years has only carried scattered tussock and stunted manuka. From this it is assumed that soil and climate were suitable to forest growth and that other causes must be found for the presence of the tussock and stunted manuka associations.
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