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N.Z.J.For., Volume 11(1), 1966
Editorial Notes
D.S. Jackson
Pages: 1–3
 | Article (pdf file, 323 KB)

Research article
Growth Habits of Rimu in Westland's Terrace Forests and their Implications for Forest Management
C.G.R. Chavasse and W.W. Travers
Pages: 4–19
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.4 MB)

Research article
Pinus radiata in Caliafornia
M.B. Forde
Pages: 20–42
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 3.9 MB)

Research article
Eyrewell Forest: A Search for Stable Management
W.J. Wendelken
Pages: 43–65
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 4.2 MB)

Research article
Salvage of a Windthrown Forest
B.H. Childs
Pages: 66–81
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 2.6 MB)

Research article
The Early Tending of Radiata Pine Regeneration
E.V.J. Purnell
Pages: 82–87
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 509 KB)

Research article
Magnesium Deficiency: The Cause of Spring Needle-tip Chlorosis in Young Pines on Pumice Soils
G.M. Will
Pages: 88–94
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 657 KB)

Review article
Review: An Economic Comparison of Forestry and Agriculture
Pages: 95–97
 | Article (pdf file, 367 KB)

Review article
Review: Forestry and Forest Industry in South Africa
Pages: 97–98
 | Article (pdf file, 248 KB)

Review article
Review: Vegetation and Soils: A World Picture
Pages: 98–99
 | Article (pdf file, 210 KB)

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