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N.Z.J.For., Volume 12(2), 1967
Editorial Notes
D.S. Jackson
Pages: 83–86
 | Article (pdf file, 192 KB)

Presidential Address
Presidential Address
A.W. Grayburn
Pages: 87–90
 | Article (pdf file, 184 KB)

Research article
The Role of Enginnering in New Zealand Protection Forest Management
A. Cunningham
Pages: 91–101
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.3 MB)

Research article
The Scope of Civil Engineering in a Catchment Plan
E.D. Revington
Pages: 102–113
 | Article (pdf file, 470 KB)

Research article
Mechanization of Nursery and Establishment
M.C. Goudie
Pages: 114–118
 | Article (pdf file, 200 KB)

Research article
Planning Large-scale Logging Operations
P.C. Crequer
Pages: 119–124
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 233 KB)

Research article
Forest Roads: Standards, Density, Timing and Costs
C.G.R. Chavasse
Pages: 125–144
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 829 KB)

Research article
Summary of Discussions Following Papers
F.J.N. Williams
Pages: 145–150
 | Article (pdf file, 200 KB)

Research article
Land Clearing Problems
Pages: 151–162
 | Article (pdf file, 546 KB)

Research article
Engineering Aspects that Limit the Economics of Thinning
Pages: 163–171
 | Article (pdf file, 375 KB)

Research article
Summary of the Symposium
J.J.K Spiers
Pages: 172–173
 | Article (pdf file, 86 KB)

Research article
Mechanization in a Forest Nursery
J.A. Gleed
Pages: 174–182
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 4.7 MB)

Research article
Machine Planting in Tarawera Forest
E. Manktelow
Pages: 182–188
 | Article (pdf file, 4.8 MB)

Research article
Pumice Soils as a Medium for Tree Growth. I. Moisture Storage Capacity
G.M. Will and E.L. Stone
Pages: 189–199
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.5 MB)

New Zealand Pinus radiata is susceptible to Western Gall Rust Disease
J.R. Parmeter Jr and F.J. Newhook
Pages: 200–201
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 95 KB)

Review article
Review: International Review of Forestry Research Volume 1
A.W. Grayburn
Pages: 202–203
 | Article (pdf file, 88 KB)

Review article
Review: Fantastic Tress
I.W. Davey
Pages: 203
 | Article (pdf file, 44 KB)

Obituary: Frederick J. Perham
Pages: 204–205
 | Article (pdf file, 66 KB)

Institute News
Annual General Meeting
Pages: 206–210
 | Article (pdf file, 150 KB)

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