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N.Z.J.For., Volume 16(1), 1971
Editorial Notes
C.G.R. Chavasse
Pages: 1–10
 | Article (pdf file, 510 KB)

Retirement: Alick Lindsay Poole
Pages: 11–12
 | Article (pdf file, 86 KB)

Research article
The End of Forestry in Great Britain
S.D. Richardson
Pages: 13–28
 | Article (pdf file, 788 KB)

Research article
Metrication in New Zealand Forestry
A.G.D. Whyte
Pages: 29–38
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 404 KB)

Research article
Entomolgy - is this a Forester's Concern?
F.B. Knight
Pages: 39–45
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 298 KB)

Research article
Some Observations on the Economic Value of Dual-purpose Foretry in the Wairau River Catchment
R.S. Macarthur
Pages: 46–60
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 592 KB)

Research article
Birds in Exotic Forests in New Zealand
R.W. Jackson
Pages: 61–68
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 400 KB)

Research article
Forest Fire Insurance in New Zealand
P. Shuttleworth
Pages: 69–76
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 335 KB)

Research article
Survival and Growth of 1/0 Radiata pine Seedlings
C. Anstey
Pages: 77–81
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 156 KB)

Research article
The Re-establishment of Radiata pine at Kaingaroa Forest. 2. Tailoring Method to Site
A.I. Page
Pages: 82–87
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 207 KB)

Research article
Windrowing and Ripping - a Comparative Study with other Site Preparation Techniques
D.W. Guild
Pages: 88–97
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 4.1 MB)

Research article
A Comparison of Bow, Paddle and Conventional Chainsaw Bars
N. Mercer
Pages: 98–100
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 95 KB)

Research article
Dothistroma Spraying Experience - 1966 to 1970.
P. F. Olsen
Pages: 101–104
 | Article (pdf file, 177 KB)

The Physical Environment Conference -1970
R.K. Usmar
Pages: 105–107
 | Article (pdf file, 138 KB)

Review article
Review: Wood Density in Conifers
J. Madden-Harris
Pages: 108
 | Article (pdf file, 54 KB)

Review article
Review: Supplying Wood Products for More People - a Challenge to the Forestry Industry
J.G. Trotman
Pages: 109–110
 | Article (pdf file, 106 KB)

List of Members as at 31 December 1970
Pages: 111–121
 | Article (pdf file, 491 KB)

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