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N.Z.J.For., Volume 17(2), 1972
Editorial Notes
C.G.R Chavasse
Pages: 155–160
 | Article (pdf file, 336 KB)

Honorary Member
Pages: 161
 | Article (pdf file, 41 KB)

Retirement Notice
Pages: 162
 | Article (pdf file, 60 KB)

Research article
Management of indigenous forest land
P.W. Grayburn
Pages: 163–169
 | Article (pdf file, 326 KB)

Research article
Planning for multiple-use management of New Zealand's beech (Nothofagus spp) forests
A.P. Thomson, A. Kirkland and K.H. Miers
Pages: 170–179
 | Article (pdf file, 470 KB)

Research article
Management of West Coast beech forests
A.D. Johnston
Pages: 180–188
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 405 KB)

Research article
Red beech managemnet; implications from early growth plots
D.J. Evans and R.J. Jackson
Pages: 189–200
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 12.6 MB)

Research article
A review of beech forest pathology
R.H. Milligan
Pages: 201–211
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 558 KB)

Research article
Enrichment of logged West Cost beech forest with eucalypts
D.A. Franklin
Pages: 212–217
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 321 KB)

Research article
West Coast hill country soils - their potential for conversion of indigenous forest to exotic forest
G.P.S. Allan
Pages: 218–223
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 225 KB)

Research article
Potential of Westland's morainic soils for forest management
R.J. Coker
Pages: 224–231
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 295 KB)

Research article
The rehabilitation of induced pakihi sites in Westland
R.H. Washbourn
Pages: 232–248
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 9 MB)

Research article
Thoughts on Westland rimu forests
F.E. Hutchinson
Pages: 249–255
 | Article (pdf file, 359 KB)

Research article
Management of south Westland terrace podocarp forest under a selection logging system
R.K. Gover
Pages: 256–263
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 6 MB)

Research article
Artificial estblishment of New Zealand kauri at Waipoua
F.T. Morrison and R.C. Lloyd
Pages: 264–273
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 425 KB)

Research article
Management of protection forests in Westland
M.F. O'Rielly
Pages: 274–279
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 6 MB)

Annual General Meeting 1972: Panel Discussion - West Coast project
Pages: 280–287
 | Article (pdf file, 406 KB)

Propagating Nothofagus solandri var. cliffortioides
P.W. Cath
Pages: 288–292
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 203 KB)

Economics of marketing indigenous timbers
P.L. Baigent
Pages: 293–295
 | Article (pdf file, 144 KB)

Review article
Terminology of forest science, technology, practice and products
G.C. Weston
Pages: 296–299
 | Article (pdf file, 195 KB)

The N.Z. Institute of Foresters' position on the N.Z. Forest Service beech utilization proposals
Pages: 300–301
 | Article (pdf file, 71 KB)

Instructions to Authors
Instructions to Authors
Pages: 302–304
 | Article (pdf file, 12.1 MB)

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