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N.Z.J.For., Volume 18(1), 1973
Editorial Comment
C.G.R. Chavasse
Pages: 1–9
 | Article (pdf file, 1 MB)

Research article
U.N. Conference on the Human Environment, Stockholm
M.J. Conway
Pages: 10–16
 | Article (pdf file, 652 KB)

Research article
Scientific reserves in New Zealand indigenous forests.
A. P. Thomson and J. L. Nicholls
Pages: 17–22
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 652 KB)

Research article
Regeneration of Podocarps in a central North Island forest.
A. E. Beveridge
Pages: 23–35
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.3 MB)

Research article
Die-back of Tawa [Beilschmiedia tawa].
R. M. J. MacKenzie and P. D. Gadgil
Pages: 36–46
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1 MB)

Research article
Resource use, biological and environmental planning for Eucalypt forest management.
R. G. Florence
Pages: 47–54
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 804 KB)

Research article
Soil factors that should influence allocations of land for forestry and agriculture
D.S. Jackson
Pages: 55–62
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 757 KB)

Research article
The importance of size and scale in forestry and the forest industries.
W. R. J. Sutton
Pages: 63–80
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.8 MB)

Research article
New procedures in forest management planning in the New Zealand Forest Service.
I. G. Trotman
Pages: 81–86
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 576 KB)

Research article
Productivity of first and second crops of Pinus radiata on the Moutere gravel soils of Nelson.
A. G. D. Whyte
Pages: 87–103
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.3 MB)

Research article
The Kaingaroa air sowing era, 1960-71.
H. H. Levack
Pages: 104–108
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 404 KB)

Research article
Further notes on Woodhill Radiata Pine pruning trial A. 383.
P. Berg
Pages: 109–114
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 470 KB)

Research article
Silviculture of Pinus radiata stand edge trees at Woodhill Forest.
P. Berg
Pages: 115–123
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 643 KB)

Research article
First-lift pruning times of Radiata Pine seedlings and rooted cuttings in a small California experiment.
K. Tufuor and W. J. Libby
Pages: 124–132
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.6 MB)

Research article
The significance of forks and multileaders in nursery stock of Pinus radiata.
R. D. Burdon and M. H. Bannister
Pages: 133–140
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 868 KB)

Research article
Grass utilization during forest establishment
B. A. Brook
Pages: 141–147
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 536 KB)

Research article
Tolerance of Pinus radiata to grass competition.
A. E. Beveridge and B. K. Klomp
Pages: 148–151
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 393 KB)

Research article
Grazing in young plantations of Radiata Pine established after clearing logged and reverted indigenous forest.
A. E. Beveridge, B. K. Klomp and R. L. Knowles
Pages: 152–156
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.2 MB)

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