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N.Z.J.For., Volume 18(2), 1973
Editorial Notes
C.G.R. Chavasse
Pages: 161–168
 | Article (pdf file, 898 KB)

Obituary: James Patrick Bosnich
Pages: 169
 | Article (pdf file, 638 KB)

Honorary member
Duncan MacIntyre
Pages: 170
 | Article (pdf file, 63 KB)

Presidential Address
Presidential Adress - Conflict in land use
J.J.K. Spiers
Pages: 171–174
 | Article (pdf file, 350 KB)

Panel Discussion on stumpage
Pages: 175–188
 | Article (pdf file, 1.6 MB)

The Marketing of treated roundwood fence material in New Zealand
A.C. Ackland
Pages: 189–191
 | Article (pdf file, 281 KB)

Sale of wood chips and chip logs
R.S. Shirley
Pages: 192–194
 | Article (pdf file, 240 KB)

Sawlog sales to Japan
A.W. Mason
Pages: 195–197
 | Article (pdf file, 331 KB)

Summing up
A. Kirkland
Pages: 198–201
 | Article (pdf file, 450 KB)

Research article
Future developments in New Zealand's pulp and paper industry
A.P. Thomson
Pages: 202–210
 | Article (pdf file, 986 KB)

Research article
Water as a forest product
A.W. Jellyman
Pages: 211–216
 | Article (pdf file, 642 KB)

Research article
Provenances of Pinus radiata: their early performance and silviculture potential
R.D. Burdon and M.H. Bannister
Pages: 217–232
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.5 MB)

Research article
Resin pockets: their occurance and formation in New Zealand forests
D.J. Crown
Pages: 233–251
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 8.2 MB)

Research article
Tree measurements on large-scale aerial photographs
T.E. Avery and J. Canning
Pages: 252–264
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.1 MB)

Research article
Pests and diseases of radiata pine: some observations made during a visit to Australia, South Africa, Kenya, Spain and Chilie
J.D. Allen
Pages: 265–272
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 765 KB)

Research article
Influence of nitrogen supply on the growth and branching habit of Pinus radiata seedlings
P.J. Knight
Pages: 273–278
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.4 MB)

Research article
The release of Pinus radiata from bracken with asulam
A.G. Wasmuth
Pages: 279–284
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 497 KB)

Research article
Subsurface sowing of yellow lupin (Lupinus arboreus) for economical and rapid sand dune stabilization at Woodhill Forest
P.J. Berg and C.W. Smithies
Pages: 285–294
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 4.1 MB)

Notes on the use of Barr and Shroud dendrometers
A.M. Pearce and R.C. Woollons
Pages: 294–297
 | Article (pdf file, 350 KB)

Price-size gradients for sawlogs: A review
W.R.J Sutton
Pages: 298–300
 | Article (pdf file, 236 KB)

Production of stem cones on Pinus radiata after fertilizer treatment
R. Keizer
Pages: 301–305
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 312 KB)

Review article
Review: Hold this land - A history of soil conservation in New Zealand
P.J. McKelvey
Pages: 306–307
 | Article (pdf file, 232 KB)

Review article
A bit about the bush
Pages: 307–308
 | Article (pdf file, 238 KB)

Review article
Forest inventory
Pages: 308–310
 | Article (pdf file, 285 KB)

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