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N.Z.J.For., Volume 23(2), 1978
Editorial Comment
G.B. Sweet
Pages: 161–165
 | Article (pdf file, 190 KB)

Obituary: George Boris Rawlings
Pages: 166–167
 | Article (pdf file, 251 KB)

Honarary Member: Jack E. Henry
Pages: 167–168
 | Article (pdf file, 66 KB)

Members Comment
Protection forestry
A.H. Nordmeyer
Pages: 169–172
 | Article (pdf file, 165 KB)

Members Comment
Alpine lands - use or misuse?
J.R. Purey-Cust
Pages: 173–175
 | Article (pdf file, 120 KB)

Presidential Address: The Institute and the Profession
B.H. Childs
Pages: 176–178
 | Article (pdf file, 127 KB)

Production values of native forests - water, wood, animals, and tourism
C.G.R. Chavasse
Pages: 179–201
 | Article (pdf file, 853 KB)

Forest recreation and changing management attitudes in New Zealand
J.J. Kennedy and A.W. Bignell
Pages: 202–216
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 604 KB)

Research article
Impact of nutrient replacement on energy production from radiata pine
R.K. Grant and M.R. Walter
Pages: 217–223
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 250 KB)

Research article
Black walnut - what can New Zealand learn from the United States?
R.L. Knowles
Pages: 224–239
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.8 MB)

Research article
New Zealand forest managers - a subculture?
J.J. Kennedy and W.R.J. Sutton
Pages: 240–251
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 410 KB)

Research article
Members' views of the New Zealand Institute of Foresters and its role
W.R.J. Sutton and J.J. Kennedy
Pages: 252–262
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 386 KB)

Research article
A forest recreation workshop
A.W. Bignell
Pages: 263–271
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 346 KB)

Review article
Review: Soil Resource Surveys, Interpretations and Applications
I.R. Hunter
Pages: 271
 | Article (pdf file, 228 KB)

Letters to the Editor
A.P. Thomson
Pages: 271
 | Article (pdf file, 88 KB)

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