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N.Z.J.For., Volume 25(2), 1980
Editorial comment
J. S. Holloway
Pages: 111–119
 | Article (pdf file, 384 KB)

Obituary: E.Y. Cutten
Pages: 120
 | Article (pdf file, 43 KB)

Honorary member
Honorary member: E.H. Bunn
Pages: 121
 | Article (pdf file, 43 KB)

Honorary member
Honarary member: R.B. Moorhouse
Pages: 122
 | Article (pdf file, 49 KB)

Presidential Address
The opportunities before us
C. G. R. Chavasse
Pages: 123–129
 | Article (pdf file, 269 KB)

The future - which future?
A. J. Leslie
Pages: 130–139
 | Article (pdf file, 422 KB)

Members Comment
Asking the owners
P. McKelvey
Pages: 140–143
 | Article (pdf file, 177 KB)

Research article
Planting stock quality: a review of factors affecting performance.
C. G. R. Chavasse
Pages: 144–171
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 2.7 MB)

Research article
Harvesting: radiata pine production and cost trends.
C. J. Terlesk
Pages: 172–183
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 400 KB)

Research article
The impact of forest road erosion in the Dart Valley, Nelson.
M. P. Mosley
Pages: 184–198
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 2 MB)

Research article
Kauri forestry in New Zealand: a protagonists' view.
I. L. Barton and G. P. Horgan
Pages: 199–216
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 660 KB)

Research article
The role of fertilisers in the future of West Coast exotic forests.
D. J. Mead, G. Mew and R. E. Fitzgerald
Pages: 217–228
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 456 KB)

Research article
The role of organic matter in the maintenance of site productivity on sandy soils.
D. W. Flinn, R. O. Squire and P. W. Farrell
Pages: 229–236
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 312 KB)

Book Review
Land Alone Endures
J. R. Purey-Cust
Pages: 237–239
 | Article (pdf file, 132 KB)

Book Review
Flora of New Zealand, Volume III
I. J. Payton
Pages: 239–240
 | Article (pdf file, 82 KB)

Book Review
Timber Information Sheets
Pages: 240
 | Article (pdf file, 42 KB)

Letters to the Editor
Special-purpose species
J. R. Purey-Cust
Pages: 241
 | Article (pdf file, 45 KB)

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