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N.Z.J.For., Volume 28(1), 1983
J. S. Holloway
Pages: 1–6
 | Article (pdf file, 568 KB)

Obituary - J. P. Fitzgerald
J. S.
Pages: 7–8
 | Article (pdf file, 180 KB)

Obituary - A. Bowers
J. H.
Pages: 8–9
 | Article (pdf file, 169 KB)

Obituary - A. B. Toer, 1947-1982
W. W. Y.
Pages: 9–10
 | Article (pdf file, 130 KB)

Members Comment
Conservation and the Pristine Condition
Peter McKelvey
Pages: 11–14
 | Article (pdf file, 384 KB)

Research article
A basis for the management of New Zealand Kauri (Agathis sustralis (D. Don) Lindl.) forest.
J. C. Halkett
Pages: 15–23
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 809 KB)

Research article
Is New Zealand ready for steep country logging?
W. W. Carson
Pages: 24–34
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 975 KB)

Research article
Motivation of forestry workers.
M. R. Fielder
Pages: 35–42
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 752 KB)

Research article
A proposed terrain classification for harvesting in New Zealand.
C. J. Terlesk
Pages: 43–57
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.1 MB)

Research article
Assessment of the risk of introduction of exotic forest insects and diseases with imported tents.
P. D. Gadgil and T. N. Flint
Pages: 58–67
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 741 KB)

Research article
Predicting outbreaks of Pseudocoremia suavis on Douglas fir.
M. K. Kay
Pages: 68–72
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 325 KB)

Research article
Chemical welfare in the forest. A review of allelopathy with regard to New Zealand forestry.
P. Maclaren
Pages: 73–92
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.8 MB)

Research article
Effect of precision sowing on growth of Pinus radiata seedlings at Edendale Nursery.
J. M. Balneaves
Pages: 93–99
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 494 KB)

Research article
Effect of precision sowing on grade output of 1/0 Pinus radiata seedlings - Edendale Nursery
J. M. Balneaves and B. S. Fredric
Pages: 100–112
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 796 KB)

Research article
Freedom of information: An evaluation of the recommendations of the Committee on Official Information
T. G. Simeonidis
Pages: 113–124
 | Article (pdf file, 1.2 MB)

Review article
Forest Island Dynamics in Man-dominated Landscapes
D. A. Franklin
Pages: 125–126
 | Article (pdf file, 183 KB)

Review article
Feild Guide to Fungi
J. H.
Pages: 126–127
 | Article (pdf file, 119 KB)

Letters to the Editor
R. C, Woollons
Pages: 128
 | Article (pdf file, 89 KB)

Letters to the Editor
R. B. Tennent
Pages: 128–129
 | Article (pdf file, 179 KB)

Letters to the Editor
Alan Somerville
Pages: 129
 | Article (pdf file, 94 KB)

Letters to the Editor
Trevor Webb
Pages: 130
 | Article (pdf file, 215 KB)

Letters to the Editor
P. S. Grant
Pages: 130–131
 | Article (pdf file, 215 KB)

Letters to the Editor
C. Anstey
Pages: 131–133
 | Article (pdf file, 215 KB)

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