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N.Z.J.For., Volume 29(2), 1984
J. R. Purey-Cust
Pages: 155
 | Article (pdf file, 79 KB)

An open letter
A. L. Poole
Pages: 155–161
 | Article (pdf file, 640 KB)

Enviromental Forestry
Pages: 161–163
 | Article (pdf file, 215 KB)

Honorary Member
P. J. McKelvey
Don Mead
Pages: 164–167
 | Article (pdf file, 316 KB)

Obituary - Alan Drummond McKinnon (1907-1984)
A. L. P.
Pages: 168–169
 | Article (pdf file, 190 KB)

Onituary - Albert William Liley (1929-1983)
J. G. G.
Pages: 169–170
 | Article (pdf file, 182 KB)

Obituary - Harold Roy Orman (1920-1985)
J. K.
Pages: 170–171
 | Article (pdf file, 176 KB)

Obituary - Ronald Wensley MacDonald Williams
M. J. Conway
Pages: 171–172
 | Article (pdf file, 178 KB)

Research article
A method to assess log value loss caused by cross-cutting practice on the skidsite.
J. M. P. Geerts and A. A. Twaddle
Pages: 173–184
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 920 KB)

Research article
Forestry pest problems of the South Pacific - the price of progress.
G. P. Hosking
Pages: 185–192
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 680 KB)

Research article
Improving exotic forests for native birds.
M. N. Clout
Pages: 193–200
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 719 KB)

Research article
From NAFTA to CER: trans-Tasman trade in forest products.
Wardana, D. Wije
Pages: 201–224
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.7 MB)

Research article
New Zealand's exports of logs and sawntimber to Japan
R. Fenton
Pages: 225–248
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.7 MB)

Research article
The public's evaluation of land use options in two New Zealand regions [East Coast, North Island and Nelson, South Island].
B. Smith and P. Wilson
Pages: 249–268
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.5 MB)

Research article
Impacts of forest sector growth in Bruce County, Otago: a case study.
P. H. B. Aldwell and J. Whyte
Pages: 269–295
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 2.1 MB)

Review article
The New Zealand Beeches: Ecology, Utilisation and Management
J. A. Wardle
Pages: 296–297
 | Article (pdf file, 200 KB)

Letters to the Editor
C. G. R. Chavasse
Pages: 298
 | Article (pdf file, 81 KB)

Letters to the Editor
L. A. J. Hunter and B. Everts
Pages: 298–299
 | Article (pdf file, 161 KB)

Letters to the Editor
C. G. R. Chavasse
Pages: 299–300
 | Article (pdf file, 180 KB)

Letters to the Editor
I. D. Whiteside and W. R. J. Sutton
Pages: 300–301
 | Article (pdf file, 194 KB)

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