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N.Z.J.For., Volume 30(2), 1985
J. R. Purey-Cust
Pages: 171–176
 | Article (pdf file, 259 KB)

Members Comment
Members' Comment
Pages: 176
 | Article (pdf file, 38 KB)

Agroforestry Promotion Group - final report
C. G. R. Chavasse
Pages: 177–185
 | Article (pdf file, 349 KB)

Research article
George Malcolm Thomson and the 1913 Royal Comission on Forestry. Part 2: The 1913 Royal Comission
A. P. Thomson
Pages: 186–193
 | Article (pdf file, 333 KB)

Research article
Scheduling silviculture at Kaingaroa.
J. W. Shirley and R. J. Coker
Pages: 194–198
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 181 KB)

Research article
Present status of the kokako [Calleas cinerea] and implications for forest management.
J. C. Halkett
Pages: 199–208
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 439 KB)

Research article
The influence of seedling density on 0/1 Eucalyptus regnans seedling characteristics and their subsequent growth (FRI nursery - Rangiora).
J. M. Balneaves, B. J. Fredric, D. M. Hills and M. A. Bryant
Pages: 209–217
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 604 KB)

Research article
Cultivation in Northland.
M. J. Williamson
Pages: 218–231
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 966 KB)

Research article
XPLOT: imagery for pruned log sales.
A. Somerville and M. McGregor
Pages: 232–236
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 342 KB)

Research article
Approaches to pruned resource evaluation.
A. Somerville, J. C. Park and C. J. Goulding
Pages: 237–250
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.2 MB)

Research article
A quantity of forest.
B. J. Allison
Pages: 251–266
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.3 MB)

Research article
Forests as money.
B. J. Allison
Pages: 267–277
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 855 KB)

Review article
Review: The Deer Wars: The Story of Deer in New Zealand
C. L. Batcheler
Pages: 278–281
 | Article (pdf file, 318 KB)

Review article
Review: Harvesting and Marketing Stratergy for State Forest Plantations
Pages: 281–282
 | Article (pdf file, 177 KB)

Letters to the Editor
34 Students at the School of Forestry
Pages: 283–284
 | Article (pdf file, 198 KB)

Letters to the Editor
R. J. Perham
Pages: 284–286
 | Article (pdf file, 290 KB)

Letters to the Editor
Jolyon Manning
Pages: 286–288
 | Article (pdf file, 243 KB)

Forestry Consultants Recognised by New Zealand Institute of Foresters (INC.)
Pages: 289–290
 | Article (pdf file, 130 KB)

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