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N.Z.J.For., Volume 42(2), 1997
Coming to terms with 'Quality"
H. Bigsby
Pages: 2–3
 | Article (pdf file, 179 KB)

Members Comment
Silviculture in New Zealand - a hundred years of change
P. Maclaren and L. Knowles
Pages: 3–5
 | Article (pdf file, 275 KB)

Members Comment
Forest pests and diseases: a retrospective
G. Hosking
Pages: 5–7
 | Article (pdf file, 270 KB)

Recent Events
Sustainable Indigenous Forest Management Research Workshop
R. Allen and U. Benecke
Pages: 7–8
 | Article (pdf file, 189 KB)

Education news
National Diploma in Forestry: First graduates receive their qualifications
Pages: 9
 | Article (pdf file, 2.7 MB)

Education news
Lincoln University News
Pages: 9–10
 | Article (pdf file, 2.8 MB)

Education news
Report on 1997 ANZIF Conference - the students' perspective
T. Myers
Pages: 10
 | Article (pdf file, 98 KB)

Education news
Win-win outcome from radiation research project
Pages: 10–11
 | Article (pdf file, 193 KB)

Letters to the Editor
An urgent need for reappraisal of forest prescriptions
J.E. Henry
Pages: 11
 | Article (pdf file, 101 KB)

Letters to the Editor
Biodiversity issues
G. Rosoman
Pages: 11–12
 | Article (pdf file, 174 KB)

Research article
Forestry, the State and Society: Social responsibility and private concerns
J. Galbraith
Pages: 13–17
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 468 KB)

Professional registration
B. Manley
Pages: 17–21
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.5 MB)

Research article
Managing forest aesthetics in production forests
A.J. Thorn, T.C. Daniel, B. Orland and N. Brabyn
Pages: 21–29
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 15.3 MB)

Research article
Vegetation recovery and indicative sediment generation rates by sheetwash erosion from hauler-logged settings at Mangatu Forest
M. Marden and D. Rowan
Pages: 29–34
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 3.3 MB)

Research article
A survey of afforestation intentions in New Zealand between 1996 and 2010
B.P. Glass
Pages: 34–37
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 2.6 MB)

Institute News
NZIF President's report
J. Galbraith
Pages: 37
 | Article (pdf file, 2.4 MB)

Institute News
Letter to Steering Group Forestry and Agriculture
Pages: 38–39
 | Article (pdf file, 182 KB)

Institute News
New Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry
Pages: 39
 | Article (pdf file, 94 KB)

Institute News
Environmental Working Group update
T. Thorpe
Pages: 39–40
 | Article (pdf file, 172 KB)

Institute News
The Russian Far East in perspective
D. Neal
Pages: 40–43
 | Article (pdf file, 6.3 MB)

International perspective
New Zealand roundwood markets as viewed from the high north
K. Lein
Pages: 44–46
 | Article (pdf file, 2.3 MB)

New Information
Radiata pine and nitrogen
M. Skinner
Pages: 46
 | Article (pdf file, 95 KB)

Book Review
A History of Forest Research in New Zealand
W.R. Bentley
Pages: 47–48
 | Article (pdf file, 168 KB)

New Information
Test-tube wood fibres: creating new opportunities for forestry
Pages: 48
 | Article (pdf file, 99 KB)

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