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N.Z.J.For., Volume 48(3), 2003
Are we at he bottom of a trough or the edge of a precipice?
B. Manley
Pages: 2
 | Article (pdf file, 192 KB)

Feature Article
Challenging times
J. Fleming
Pages: 3–5
 | Article (pdf file, 538 KB)

Feature Article
When will things get better?
L. Seymour
Pages: 6–7
 | Article (pdf file, 375 KB)

Feature Article
Current realities and future opportunities for New Zealand forestry
K. Ellem
Pages: 8–11
 | Article (pdf file, 680 KB)

Feature Article
When will things get better? Never and soon - it will just be more of the same but in a different way
P. Taylor
Pages: 11–13
 | Article (pdf file, 808 KB)

Education News
Update from the education sector
Pages: 14
 | Article (pdf file, 436 KB)

Research article
Examination of mean top height definitions and height estimation equations for Pinus radiata in New Zealand.
R. C. Woollons
Pages: 15–18
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 748 KB)

Research article
Comparative performance of radiata pine genotypes with pasture understories.
P. Peri and M. Bloomberg
Pages: 19–22
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 845 KB)

Research article
The Treaty of Waitangi - a forestry overview.
A. Caddie
Pages: 23–28
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.2 MB)

Discount rates used for forest valuation - results of 2003 survey
B. Manley
Pages: 29–31
 | Article (pdf file, 504 KB)

White-spotted tussock moth response - how good was it?
G. Hosking
Pages: 31–32
 | Article (pdf file, 398 KB)

Response of red beech to fertiliser, Island Block coal mine, North Westland
D.A. Norton, A. Leighton and I. Buckman
Pages: 32–33
 | Article (pdf file, 366 KB)

Review of neew forest planting estimates
B. Manley, O. Sumerville, M. Turbitt and P. Lane
Pages: 34–37
 | Article (pdf file, 775 KB)

New Information
Conference adds value to forest business
Pages: 37
 | Article (pdf file, 184 KB)

Presidential Address
New industry-wide initiatives are seen as best way for forestry to go forwards
T. Thorpe
Pages: 38
 | Article (pdf file, 156 KB)

Institute News
New NZIF Fellows
Pages: 39
 | Article (pdf file, 247 KB)

Institute News
Awards and Scholarships
Pages: 40
 | Article (pdf file, 176 KB)

Service above self interest: John W. Edwards 1944 - 2003
C. Perley
Pages: 41
 | Article (pdf file, 435 KB)

West Coast advocate and farm forester: Ronald Aitken Ferguson 1925 - 2003
G. Buckley and P. Allan
Pages: 42
 | Article (pdf file, 192 KB)

Forestry loses advocate in business world: Leon Richard Spicer 1939 - 2003
I. Trotman, I. Armitage and P. Allan
Pages: 43
 | Article (pdf file, 262 KB)

As judged by your Piers; Forestry at the edge
P. Maclaren
Pages: 44
 | Article (pdf file, 155 KB)

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