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N.Z.J.For., Volume 49(3), 2004
What's the future for the Central North Island?
B. Manley
Pages: 2–4
 | Article (pdf file, 555 KB)

Feature Article
The changing face of forestry in the Central North Island
J. Fleming
Pages: 5–7
 | Article (pdf file, 744 KB)

Feature Article
Forest investment in New Zealand: an attractive opportunity
D. Rumker
Pages: 8–10
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 702 KB)

Research article
Future-proofing erosion-prone hill country against soil degradation and loss during large storm events: have past lessons been heeded?
M. Marsden
Pages: 11–16
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.9 MB)

Research article
Toppled pines - can they be fixed? Results from three toppling trials at Waiotira, Northland
I. Coxe, J. Aimers-Halliday, M. Menzies and G. Holden
Pages: 17–23
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.8 MB)

Research article
Juvenile wood (sensu novo) in pine: Conflicts and possible opportunities for growing, processing and utilisation
R. Burdon, J. Walker, B. Megraw, R. Evans and D. Crown
Pages: 24–31
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 2 MB)

The incidence of resin pockets
J. Park
Pages: 32
 | Article (pdf file, 174 KB)

Doulas-fir log prices - a comparison of recentOtago/Southland prices vs. historical US Pacific Northwest data
H. Heath
Pages: 33–37
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 874 KB)

The role of community involvement in future incision responses
L. van Santen, J. Goven and L. Langer
Pages: 38
 | Article (pdf file, 227 KB)

Members Comment
Echoes of Timberland in high country debate - are more decisions being made on the basis of political ideology rather than the principles of ecological sustainability?
D. Norton
Pages: 39–41
 | Article (pdf file, 1.2 MB)

Letters to the Editor
Privatistation of State Forests
J. Purey-Cust
Pages: 42
 | Article (pdf file, 171 KB)

New Information
Remsoft Training Workshops and User Group gathering in Melbourne, Australia
Pages: 42
 | Article (pdf file, 171 KB)

New Information
FSC Plantation Review
R. May
Pages: 42
 | Article (pdf file, 171 KB)

Institute News
Presidents Comments
K. Bradshaw
Pages: 43
 | Article (pdf file, 395 KB)

Institute News
NZIF Business Plan 2004-2006
Pages: 43–44
 | Article (pdf file, 593 KB)

Ranger who could turn his hand to anything: Raymond William Cleland 1920 - 2004
J. Purey-Cust
Pages: 45
 | Article (pdf file, 247 KB)

Character of the NZ Forest Service: gavin James Molloy 1924 - 2004
P. Berg and L. Skudder
Pages: 46–47
 | Article (pdf file, 406 KB)

As judged by your Piers: Entering the Kyoto period of history
P. Maclaren
Pages: 48
 | Article (pdf file, 159 KB)

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